How to write fantastic content (in our humble opinion)

How to write fantastic content (in our humble opinion)

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Find out how to write great content without a background in writing

Now, we don’t want to make it sound like what we do is easy, but we thought for this week’s blog maybe we could share some of our tips and tricks for writing great content. Whether you are looking to improve the content on your website or you are a budding blogger, you’ll want to consider some of these points in order to ensure that your writing is crisp and engaging. 

The five Ws: who, what, when, where, why?

Remember in school, your English teacher banging on and on about the five Ws? No? Just us then. Here’s a refresher: they are the key to building a narrative, which helps to get your reader to buy in and believe what they’re reading. It’s a good basis for story-telling and journalism, but it’s so much more than that. It takes your reader by the hand and guides them through what they’re reading about. Who are you talking about? What’s the content about? When are you writing: is this historical, contemporary, or looking to the future? Where are you based, and why are you writing? Let’s look at these five elements, step by step: 


You need to be clear in your mind who your audience is, and who you are as a brand as well. Have your customer in your mind’s eye at all times. What are their needs and interests? Do they have any pain points? What are they telling your sales team? If your business was a person, what would their character be like? Imagine this as you’re writing and try and capture that tone of voice. If your brand is the serious, authoritative expert, you’re going to write in a different tone of voice to a budding new business aimed at children. 


This is the element that lots of our clients find the most tricky. They want to start blogging, but are unsure where to start and what to write about. Our advice: stick to what you know. If something matters to you right now, chances are that it will interest your clients as well. Look out for great case studies and talk with your sales team about any particular patterns or issues that seem to be trending. Blogging about these can be a great way of communicating with your client base and demonstrating that your company is in touch with their needs. 


Do you want to be writing about a future event or promotion, or are you blogging about something that has happened in the past? If you’re writing website copy, you’ll want to futureproof it as much as possible. Also, how often are you going to be writing? Is this a weekly blog, a monthly newsletter, or a one-off website overhaul? Make sure you have the resources in place to cover the amount of time needed to your content marketing (and if not, we can help). 


Where is too often overlooked, but if you really want to engage with your readers, consider rooting your writing in a place. By showing where you are and what you’re doing, it gives your brand depth and personality, and makes you relatable. Always mention if you’ve been somewhere new, be it a conference or expo, and bring your community with you, wherever you are. 


This is the crux of it all. Why are you writing? What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to inform, drive up sales, increase website traffic, or share some news? Whatever it is, make sure it’s obvious to your readers: include a call to action where appropriate, pointing your readers in the right direction, getting you the results you want. 

There you go: a quick guide to content marketing and how to get started. Have you tried your hand at some writing lately? How did you find it? We’d love to hear of any tips that got you on your way. 

If it all seems a little (or a lot) overwhelming, then don’t panic. At Fyxen Copywriters, this is our bread and butter. Day in, day out, we put our clients’ thoughts, activity and aspirations into words, so that they can get on with the day job. We don’t have a niche in terms of a business sector (you name it, we’ve written about it).  Our specialism is taking our client’s brand personality and putting it into words. We are total research ninjas, and have challenged ourselves over the years to discover all there is to know about some pretty unusual markets. 

So if you need a wordsmith to get all that stuff that’s in your head down into beautiful, hard copy, then get in touch. We’d love to help!


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