Learning curve

Learning curve

10/07/2018 Research Writing 0

So this week we have been working hard on lots of different copy, some our bread and butter, and some so far out of our comfort zone, we could have been on another planet. Or even a galaxy far, far away. Some of the learning opportunities we get afforded in copywriting are unbelievable.

At Fyxen, we approach these sorts of challenges with a mixture of excitement and nerves. It’s a funny world sometimes, content creation. A client may suddenly trust you with a bigger challenge than before, maybe something on a subject you know nothing about. We know our research skills are top notch here at Fyxen HQ, but even so, sometimes the nut can be hard to crack.

That’s the joy of these sorts of challenges. Do we know everything there is to know about neuroscience? Astrophysics? Photography. Nope, we sure as hell don’t. But we research hard, drill down and produce articles that anyone can read. Sometimes, learning about a subject as an outsider can bring a new perspective and breathe new life into it. Some of our best writing happens in these conditions.

And what is great is that now we have a new string to our bow. Each time we discover a new realm, we become mini-experts on it. This opens up new business, exciting conversations, different challenges.

So there you have it. We don’t just write nice, cosy blogs here at Fyxen. We’ll take anything on. That’s why our clients love us!

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